MR. BLACK WORLD pays homage to a select group of men with a profile of excellence for their personal and professional life, thus developing an exclusive project for members.

In association with the most prestigious brands in the luxury market in different industries related to fashion, entertainment, technology, and art we develop events, and unique experiences both at the level of public relations, corporate entertainment and for media.

To achieve our goal MR. BLACK WORLD, hand in hand with companies that provide services related to the rental and sale of products and services in the luxury market such as cars, jets, yachts, real estate, hotel, gastronomy, nightlife, and recreation develop benefits for our members with a V.I.P. premise, exclusive of MR. BLACK.

BLACK WORLD serves communications and public relations developing a multimedia strategy headed by our YouTube Channel, social networks and our printed publication, where we will develop editorials, stories and chronicles of style and lifestyle, power, philanthropy and sensuality that suggests the profile of MR. BLACK members.

Initially MR BLACK WORLD develops benefits for partners in the markets of Miami and Puerto Rico, but members can be from anywhere in the world, in the process we will open more cities with more lifestyle benefits.


Mr. Black Community is a quorum of members, with a very high profile in terms of achievement, knowledge and lifestyle.

A fraternity of professional, successful leaders in different fields such as developers, artists, musicians, athletes, architects, chefs, publicists, designers, surgeons, lawyers and entrepreneurs.

Members come from around the world, and the community will grow month by month through exclusive events, in which our protagonists will be special guest who will be honored with the title of ”MR. BLACK».


  • The development of a Network of Power and influence in which its members will have direct access to other leaders across industries, «a fraternity which supports its colleagues in any area of life».
  • Enjoy exclusive events, for members only in which the unique experiences will be the big attraction.
  • Special invitations to the most prestigious events in the industry of art, fashion, music, entertainment, and preferential treatment in them.
  • Recognition through editorials in our publication MR. BLACK MAGAZINE and multimedia platform.
  • As a member you shall have preferential treatment, V.I.P. in all services and products of the brands in the luxury market with all partners of MR BLACK WORLD.
  • They will be direct participants of events related to our proposal of MR. BLACK MODEL, which is based on editorial experiences, events, public relations and special productions.
  • Also, a participation in philanthropic projects that will be developed.


A seasonal program in which 5 models will be the ambassadors representing MR. BLACK and brands involved in this project.

A strategy titled «LIFE» in which these 5 representatives interact with our members, participate in editorial content with all the products and services that we represent as a lifestyle.


The MR. BLACK is presented as a strategic development of brand positioning through multimedia «LIFE»experiences.

Implementing its new «MR. BLACK MODELS Program»; where 5 models with very specific features like physical appearance, personality, projection and public relations represent the definition of the MR. Black brand.

For a limited period of time this group of models will live a unique experience adhering to the Mr. BLACK lifestyle, turning them into public figures, but mostly interacting in our editorial content, photo productions, events with our members.

They will be the ambassadors of sponsored luxury brands, interacting with them in their daily lives.

Automobiles, jewelry, fashion, real estate, yachts, jets, hospitality, gastronomy, spas, products and services, will have daily exposure in a dynamic and classy style.

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