British artist JASON TESSIER at Design Miami with his unique abstract and conceptual works of art.

By Pedro Lazaro


As I was going over who would be showing at Design Miami this week, I came across Tessiers work.

Thanks to Kyle Hamilton and K.H. Fine Art I was sent a press kit which I enjoyed immensely.

The release indicates the artist’s work “engages with language and conversations surrounding the significance and complexity of contemporary painting”.

I couldn’t agree more; Tessier really takes the viewer on a well thought tour of color, shapes, and forms that pull us towards an interesting realm that’s comprised by the series Design Miami attendees will be able to enjoy thoroughly.

The paintings Jason creates toy with references from both abstract and conceptual historical artists and movements and engage with both the visual and physical elements of painting. They experiment with the materialistic properties of the canvas and the materials placed upon it.

Using traditional artist materials such as oil paint, the painter mixes other materials such as acrylic, graphite and pastels and complicates the paintings surface with traces, marks and interventions.

In merging this assortment of materials, the works outline a certain kind of pre-determined abstract formulated language, creating a visual and physical conversation upon the canvas.


Jason’s compositions are rooted with contingency and the impossibility to revise or correct an action.

The physical space resulting from these coincidences and mistakes invite the viewer to a haptic experience in which each of these painterly elements seem to appear simultaneously by chance.

These internal dialogues within the work challenge their own limitations and conventions as predetermined paintings.

Refreshing, well-conceived, etched with a sense of humor that makes contrast with its imposing presence, and at the same time invites one to let their hair down.

Jason Tessier is a British artist (b.1993) who lives and works in London.

For inquiries, please e-mail kyle@kylehamiltonfineart.com or Call, Text or Whatsapp 1-917-216-2332

Design Miami kicks off on November 28 and will offer ten days of gallery presentations, satellite exhibitions, virtual tours, and our online design talks program ending on December 6, 2020.

Stay safe and I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

Pedro Lazaro @Mr.BlackMagazine

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