Dominique R. Selman Imbert
Creative Consultant & Columnist
Founder Stampi d’ Art

Freedom, the currency of the new era. Freedom to be, to express, to feel, not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the universe. Freedom because we no longer want to be captives of bureaucracies or social standards, because we have been raised to create our own paths rather than to follow that of the ones who have led the way and brought us here. In a world where time and money have become abstract ideals because we rather be led by our spiritual beliefs and the cleanliness of our minds and souls, Antuan’s art becomes not a mean of decoration, but a revelation. It is rare to find an artist who has such a deep understanding of the diverse areas of human nature and its capacity to store information and energy that can either create, destroy, or give birth to new frequencies. The emergence of his art is a call to new generations to get on board with his revolution of knowledge. This is where the true greatness of the legacy he is creating lays: in the necessity to create not for his personal growth, but to create an aura of scientific and quantic waves that liberate against destruction, encouraging viewers to believe in the power inside us to align what is wrong and what is impure. Antuan’s art expresses the ideals of development in a form so concise, that it becomes too complex to be understood by a mind not ready to accept the openness crucial to become empowered: alignment. Alignment of the planets, held together in perfect harmony by universal energy.

Alignment of the soul, so that our minds know no limit as to what we can achieve.  Alignment of our surroundings, so that we can convey our message in such a manner that can be understood by those around us.

Antuan has most certainly dug so deep into the innermost core of spirituality and connection between the mind and the universe, that it would be impossible not to  recognize him as an enigmatic sorcerer of his craft. With his art, Antuan demonstrates that one is perfectly capable of predicting the changes needed in a civilization, which is not given by aesthetics, but by a deeper knowledge of interaction of the senses in admiring a fine piece. Antuan creates pieces that transport one to different spaces in time by basing himself in nature, the universe, the foundations of human nature.

Such things which can be found by looking within the behavior of classic civilizations where there was no speak of currency, but of trade, which inevitably led to growth, to prosperity, and to the discovery of technologies which would revolutionize human behavior forever. Such things which just to come back to the core of our spirit to again find growth. To conceive art as an expression of the artist himself would be to ignore the true energy behind his ideals. To speak to Antuan and to interpret his art,  one must be ready to be lead through portals that lead to new dimensions in which art is conceived as a calling, as a desperate cry for social awareness. In his creative nature, Antuan expresses things that cannot be seen if only looked at with the eyes. A deep understanding of Antuan implies a creative outburst of the soul that seeks healing. Antuan exceeds the paradigms of being an artist, for his work proves him to be above engineers, physicists, philosophers, transforming him into a professor of the fine craft of didactical expression. What is most remarkable of Antuan’s expression is his capacity to embrace individualism as a necessity so that we can become the best version of ourselves. Yet, he acknowledges that in accepting and embracing the existence of other individuals, we become more prosperous and create bonds that will transcend far beyond our earthly existence.

In essence, to speak of Antuan is to speak of a leader of change. He is a master in revolutionizing modern history by opening multidimensional experiences in pieces that should be placed at the core of not only spaces, but of our minds. They tell us to never distract ourselves from the principles crucial to our development and the responsibility we must take upon ourselves if we are bound to save the human race from the destruction of values currently amongst us. Antuan demonstrates a strong need to invest all of our power in creating harmony. It would be impossible to speak of Antuan without recognizing the necessary part he is playing in creating history, in leading a movement of economic empowerment through the most admirable of qualities: artistic expression.

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