A club so exclusive, a culture so distinguished, a lifestyle so envied… few can become Mr. Black and even fewer can embody it.  A life truly taken by the reigns, dedication to both the pursuit of excellence and the celebration of the inherent spoils is the way of this alpha male.  By now you’re familiar with who among us can be a Mr. Black or what it takes for you to become the next one.  But what would a Mr. Black do?  How would he spend his time?  One thing is for sure, if Mr. Black smokes, he smokes cigars.

Tradition, craftsmanship, quality, sophistication, refinement these are just some of the qualities that compel Mr. Black to appreciate a fine cigar.  With a taste for life and for the finer things in it, Mr. Black indulges in only the best.  A man in a custom-tailored Italian suit, with a dram of well-aged Highland Scotch Whiskey sat in front of him, a cultured, powerful, sultry and sophisticated knockout by his side, if this man is going to light up it’s of course going to be a premium, hand rolled cigar made from the finest tobaccos from around the world.  And no doubt, that cigar is going to be cut and lit with the utmost care and respect for the craftsmanship that went into making such a Puro Especial.

A cigar is not a habit, it is not an addiction, it’s not mass consumption.  Rather, an indulgence, a moment of slowed pace and peace and even a time for reflection or contemplation.  All while stimulating the senses, living in the moment and escaping from the routine.  An indulgence on the level of dinner from a Michelin star menu, a vintage French cellared wine or a classic exotic collector’s car.

Mr. Black takes a moment to appreciate the look and feel of the smooth outer wrapper.  He may sample the flavor of the pre-light draw.  He takes a sip of the whiskey from the glass, savors a moment shared with his stunning companion then flicks the mechanism on his treasured lighter and slowly toasts the foot of his cigar.  The same level of care and focus is taken in lighting up these exotic tobaccos as would be to the ground breaking of the next development, the inspection of the newest luxury yacht or personal jet or an evening of pleasure with his ravishing companion.

The nuances of flavor and aromas excite the senses of this chief among men.  The intricate collaboration of whiskey and tobacco intrigue his sense of adventure.  Memories flash of times in remote locales overflowing with peaceful splendor, carefully chosen companionship and time with nothing but smoke, drink and breath to pass it.  In the wafts of blue smoke Mr. Black sees highlights of a life lived to its fullest, a man with mountains to climb and summits already conquered.

The nose is tied most closely to memory and the subtle wood, earth, spice and cocoa notes rolling off this spectacular cigar brings with it visions of both relaxation and achievement.  With the next puff, a cloud rolls from the mouth of Mr. Black, accompanied by a small stream of smoke plunging past the olfactory senses form a retrohale.  At this moment the vison of both purity and temptation seated next to Mr. Black brings a subtle smile to her captivating face.  The pleasing aromas have tickled her senses as they poured from the cigar.  Her senses have been peaked.  She stirs in her seat, crosses her legs, adjusts her position and turns towards her man and his cigar has them both captivated.

It’s not to say that any and all Mr. Blacks do smoke, it is emphatically that if that is such an endeavor, it’s facilitated by the finest in options, premium, hand made cigars.

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