In other realms, way before it became true that President Trump was the commander in chief of the US, there have been “off the wall” coincidences that make you wonder…

  • In an anti-utopia episode, The Simpsons’ writer takes Bart into the future. 2030 is the year, and The Donald has left “Americans” crippled financially. In this chapter, which was televised in 2000, the storyline focuses on the only person who can take the U.S.A. out of its predicament: Lisa Simpson.
  • Donald Trump and the number 777. Coincidence? His first day at work was January 21 of 2017. Donald Trump will be 70 years old in 7 months and 7 days.
  • Bizarre coincidences with The Omen films and Trump. The evil character in the films, Damien Thorn, and Donald Trump’s names start with the same letters.
  • The antichrist character also has British ancestry, rich parents and a connection to the US presidency… Just like Trump.
  • Both Trump and Damien Thorn attended military school.

Are these similarities by accident, chance, or providence? You be the judge of that.

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