Cigars are a part of history and tradition, diligently hand rolled for today’s renaissance debonair man.

A labor of love, cigars represent long standing tradition and culture. The quality of the seed, the region where it is grown, the soil, the blending and rolling come together to create a finished work of art.

Whether the leaves are grown in Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico or the United States, there is uniqueness to every hand rolled cigar. When asked, “Which is the best cigar?” The correct answer is… “What you desire.”

One must understand, for the aficionado; a cigar is not a trend but a lifestyle choice with the conscious decision to take a journey with each stick at hand. We don’t only smoke cigars, we train our palates to taste and appreciate the flavors and fragrant aromas drawn in every puff. In a fine cigar, the gentleman celebrates his moment in time. A time to think, plan, meditate or celebrate. A man and his cigar represent his milestones in his journey through life with family, business, adventures and romance. Smoking a fine cigar is sophisticated relaxation.

Whether you smoke alone, with friends, or in a cigar lounge full of strangers, you are never alone and no one is a stranger because cigar lovers are bonded by the power of the leaf.


  • Favorite Cigar? Depends on my mood. Love them all.
  • Mild, Medium or Full Bodied? Full Body
  • Favorite Size? Churchill
  • V-cut, Straight or Punch? Straight
  • Favorite Time for a smoke? Sunset
  • After Dinner? Always after a steak dinner
  • Best Paired with? Another Cigar
  • Espresso or Cappuccino? Espresso
  • Wine? Pinot Noir
  • Whiskey? Single Malt Scotch
  • Tequila? Definitely Anejo
  • Dessert? Flan
  • Chocolate? Dark
  • Seafood? Yes
  • Fish? Grouper Blackened
  • Shellfish? Florida Lobster
  • Oysters? Raw
  • Steak? Can’t live with out.
  • Cut? Bone-in Ribeye
  • Temperature? Medium Rare
  • Tartare? Steak tartare with a Quail egg
  • Escargot? Yes! with garlic and butter
  • Family? A Son and Daughter
  • Sundays? Family Day
  • Party Night? Fridays
  • Saturdays? Dine and Smoke
  • Men’s Night? Tuesday “Steak & Leaf ” Dinners
  • Travel? Best culture education
  • First island adventure? Living in Hawaii
  • Exotic islands? A week in Bali
  • Asia? Lived in Bangkok
  • Thai street food? The best food markets!
  • Europe? Lived in Barcelona.
  • Madrid? Full of spirit.
  • Paella? Paella Negra with squid ink
  • Flamenco? I am a gypie at heart.
  • Favorite City? Miami
  • America? The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Boating? I am an ocean man.
  • Fishing or Hunting? I eat what I catch.
  • Sport? Soccer
  • Relationships? Take a lot of work.
  • Women? They make the world turn.
  • Love? A Gift
  • Friendship? We need each other.
  • Philanthropy? Support your community.
  • Karma? You reap what you so sow.
  • Best source for knowledge? Read Books
  • Favorite New Magazine? Mr. Black
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