• The development of a Network of Power and influence in which its members will have direct access to other leaders across industries, «a fraternity which supports its colleagues in any area of life».
  • Enjoy exclusive events, for members only in which the unique experiences will be the big attraction.
  • Special invitations to the most prestigious events in the industry of art, fashion, music, entertainment, and preferential treatment in them.
  • Recognition through editorials in our publication MR. BLACK MAGAZINE and multimedia platform.
  • As a member you shall have preferential treatment, V.I.P. in all services and products of the brands in the luxury market with all partners of MR BLACK WORLD.
  • They will be direct participants of events related to our proposal of MR. BLACK MODEL, which is based on editorial experiences, events, public relations and special productions.
  • Also, a participation in philanthropic projects that will be developed.


Each Member shall have a personalized card which aims members have access to all the social benefits, events, public relations, concierge and special deals with our partners.

Part of a preferential database which will keep all members informed via releases of our events and opportunities in our industry’s luxury market.


An intelligent application with exclusive access for members only. Stay in the know about the latest events, industry news and social opportunities. A list of partners and brands of products and services in the market of luxury will be available.


Membership of The Mr Black Magazine is open to all global Mr Black brands and high-end service providers. Members join The Mr Black Magazine in either a single city or country, by paying an annual membership fee.

Some of the key benefits of joining the Mr Black Magazine are highlighted below:

  • Each active member is working with many of the world’s leading Mr Black brands and high end service providers at senior director / decision making level.
  • Each active member aligns their brand with other similar companies at the top end of the Mr Black market.
  • Each active member receives help and support with their own marketing activities which enhances their ideas and initiatives.
  • Each active member reaches new HNW pre-qualified customers currently outside of their normal business sphere.
  • Each active member is assigned their own Mr Black Magazine account director to pro-actively create and implement new projects for their business within Mr Black market sectors they have been unable to penetrate in the past.
  • The account director helps each member to form a business development plan to gain new clients and business in the Mr Black market through partnership activities.
  • Mr Black Magazine offers their members’ clients exciting new privileges and rewards from other Mr Black brands.
  • Mr Black Magazine invites their members to some impressive events and top-end Mr Black experiences.
  • Each active member has the opportunity to regularly network with other like-minded Mr Black brand directors and attend pre-arranged meetings to present and discuss new business development ideas.
  • Each active member works with other local Mr Black brands, and they have opportunities to collaborate and connect with other premium companies internationally.
  • Each active member has the opportunity to create joint Mr Black Magazine events with other non-competitive companies with HNW private clients.
  • Each active member has the opportunity to meet and present their company’s new business development ideas and objectives with other like-minded Mr Black brand directors with the same objectives.
  • Each member gets featured and promoted in a Mr Black lifestyle global digital magazine.
  • Each member receives regular updates about how other Mr Black brands are doing and what they are creating.
  • Each member takes part on exciting media share opportunities with other leading Mr Black brands, including joint Mr Black Magazine features and articles, joint newsletters and email campaigns.
  • Each active member receives help and support in creating exciting, engaging sales events and inviting the private client base of other leading Mr Black brands in their region.
  • Each member has the opportunity to create joint press releases about project wins with other Mr Black brands.
  • Each member has the opportunity to collaborate with other Mr Black brands to create joint exhibitions, off-market or pre-release product viewings, road shows or Mr Black product showcases.
  • Each member has the opportunity to see their client base and loyalty grow sustainably through targeted signature events.
  • Each member has the opportunity to sell their products and/or services to more HNW clients.
  • Each member is part of the world’s leading Mr Black Magazine affinity marketing group, with 10 years of international experience in creating over 1,000 new business development activities for Mr Black brands.

Working with a Personal Brand positioned in a reliable way, related to a Network of successful men with the same characteristics, our primary objective is represented in monetizing business and the positioning of each participant in the industry.

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