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On beauty, his career, and his lavish events.

Lenny Roudner, otherwise known as Dr. Lenny, is one of the most loved and respected figures in Miami’s professional and social scenes. In addition to being one of the world’s most preeminent plastic surgeons, he is known for the extravagant parties he throws at his lavish Miami Beach mansion.

Dr. Lenny is originally from Australia. He decided to move to Miami Beach, where he became a world-renowned plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation and enhancement. For the past 25 years, Roudner has successfully performed over 20,000 procedures.

While Roudner is known among his friends for his kindness and generosity, his parties are known for their creativity. They place a focus on celebrating his work by offering everything from breast-shaped cupcakes to live art installations with topless models.

In the year 2000, he cleverly named his celebration the My-Lenny-Um- Boob Fest. His mansion was filled with close to 1000 guests. The Fest also featured a yacht docked in front of the house that was meant to hit its capacity at 100 people. However, the party attracted so many that it overflowed to 300 instead. It was this party that led people to recognize his legendary talent and originality for event planning.

Roudner enjoys entertaining his guests and is always coming up with new and exciting elements for his fêtes. A few years back, he invited a member of the famous stunt performance group the Flying Wallendas to be part of Roudner’s event. Nick Wallenda could be seen walking on a tightrope 60 feet over his home.

DB: What is the concept of beauty for you?

LR: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; you know that. Some people feel beautiful even though other people don’t think that and lots of people that look beautiful think they are not. Whatever is beautiful to one person, can be completely different to another. I think beauty is whatever any one person wants to feel like as far as being beautiful.

On beauty, his career, and his lavish events.

DB: What made you choose to specialize in this field of medicine and focus on breast surgery?

LR: Plastic surgery has about nine different specialties. When I finished my training, I was practicing all plastic surgery for years. I did everything. Then, when I became popular with the breast surgeries, I became inundated with patients wanting this specific procedure.

It’s not like I chose just to do that particularly. It definitely kind of chose me.

When I first came into town, one of the most popular plastic surgeons in Miami said to me that I’ll be driven by what the people want me to do and I’ll have no choice about it. He was right. Eventually, I projected myself in this area.

DB: Over the years you made a reputation for putting together some of the most spectacular events at your home. You were nicknamed “Dr. Boobner.” How did that start? Do you organize your own events or do you work with event planners?


LR: I’m not sure where the nickname originated; it rhymes with my name, came out of the blue, and then the Miami Herald wrote about it.

I like to do everything myself when it comes to my parties. I contact all the vendors, entertainment, and insurers. I send all invitations myself and manage the guest list. I just enjoy entertaining people. I like people to have a good time. Since I was in medical school, I would throw parties. When I first came to Miami, I was living in the Coconut Grove Hotel, where I had an apartment. My first get-together was three weeks after I moved here. It was fantastic – lots of people and lots of fun. A funny thing happened the next day at the pool deck of the hotel when someone came to congratulate me on the previous night and thank me for the invitation. He asked if I know who all those people were that were invited, to which I replied that I know them from the hotel. He then asked if I really knew who they were and proceeded to tell me that those were some of the biggest drug dealers in the United States. I was shocked!

The Coconut Grove Hotel in the 70’s was a huge scene. That was my first party.

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